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Summary Chapter 41

Huck goes for the doctor. He tells the doctor that his brother accidentally kicked his gun while sleeping, and it went off. The doctor worries the canoe won’t support both of them, so he takes it and leaves Huck behind. Huck tells him how to find the raft.

Huck makes plans to kidnap the doctor if he can’t easily fix Tom’s leg. He falls asleep. The doctor is still gone when he wakes up. Huck runs into Silas. He tells Silas that he and “Sid” were looking for Jim. Silas and Huck wait for Sid to come. When he doesn’t, Silas insists Huck come back home to relieve Sally’s mind.

Aunt Sally is glad to see him. She hugs him and gives him a licking that doesn’t hurt.

The neighbors discuss how crazy Jim is when they find the rope ladder and other odd things he did. They also wonder how the grindstone got into the cell and how the hole was dug. They believe the other servants helped him. They also blame the servants for stealing things for Jim. They believe the servants made up the story about the Indian attack, and Sally still fears for her family.

Huck tells Sally the same story he told Silas. She is uneasy when “Sid” hasn’t returned by nightfall. She doesn’t want Huck to fetch him, afraid of losing him too. She sends Silas to get him. Silas returns empty-handed. Sally is anxious. Her husband expects that “Sid” will come back in the morning. She waits up for him to come home, crying. Huck wishes he could ease her suffering.

Mark Twain