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Summary Chapter 29

The king and duke maintain their act despite an apparent opposition. Some of the townspeople maintain their support of the king and duke.

The other Harvey Wilks has a genuine English accent. He says he can’t prove he and his brother’s identities, as their luggage was mislaid at the wrong port. However, in a few days, when it comes, he’ll have his proof. They go to the hotel.

The king announces to the crowd that the mislaid luggage and the deaf brother’s broken arm (which prevents him from signing) is a convenient lie of obvious frauds. Some people laugh, but others don’t seem convinced. One of the people who think the king is a liar says he saw him coming up on a canoe with Tim Collins.

The doctor demands that the king and duke be taken to the tavern to sort this out. He tells the king that if he is who he says he is, he won’t mind handing over the gold until they can prove their identities. The king says the servants stoled it. The people don’t believe this.

The lawyer has the king, duke, Englishman, and the man in the sling sign their names. He compares them to the handwriting in the letters from Peter’s brothers and claims that the king’s and duke’s handwriting doesn’t match.

The king refuses to admit he is a fraud. They ask him what was tattooed on Peter’s breast. The king says it was a blue arrow. The Englishman says it was the initials PBW. However, the people who stood watch over the body can’t verify this. The crowd wants to denounce all of them as frauds.

The lawyer suggests exhuming the body. All four men are taken into custody. The crowd vows to lynch them all if they can’t prove their stories. Huck is scared.

The body is exhumed. They find the gold in the coffin. Huck manages to free himself from his captor and make a run for it. He takes a canoe and tells Jim to shove off. Jim is glad to be free of the scam artists, but at the last minute the men show up on the river behind them.

Mark Twain