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Summary Chapter 37

Aunt Sally is angry that she has lost a shirt. She punishes one of her children for it, which makes Huck feels guilty. It is difficult to keep shirts for her husband. Silas says he never loses them when they are on him. She has also discovered other missing items. Some things are blamed on animals. A servant tells Sally a sheet is gone, as well as a brass candlestick.

Silas finds a missing spoon in his pocket. Tom had put it in there hoping that it would find its way to Jim. Silas puzzles about how it wound up in there. Everyone behaves themselves while Sally is in full wrath.

Tom decides to fill up the rat holes for Silas, since he unknowingly helped them. Silas comes down and finds them already filled. He wonders when he did them.

Tom has Huck take another spoon. Tom tells his aunt there are only nine spoons. She counts them and flies into a rage. They put it in her apron pocket, and Jim manages to get it.

They start returning the items they take every night. Sally thinks she is losing her mind, for things seem to be missing but keep reappearing.

They make a pie with great difficulty. They manage to get everything to Jim, who does all the proper things prisoners are supposed to do. He hides the rope ladder in the pie under his bed. He uses a nail to make some marks on a plate and toss it out the window.

Mark Twain