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Summary Chapter 5

Huck shuts the door. He used to fear his father because he was abusive, but he doesn’t care anymore.

The father had gotten in through the window. He has come to take Huck down a peg, who he feels has gotten big for his britches. He resents Huck wearing frilly clothes and being able to read and write. He believes his son thinks he is better than him. Mr. Finn resents the widow’s interference. He wants Huck to stop going to school. He tears up a reward Huck got for learning his lessons well.

The father wants Huck’s money. He came back because he heard his son was rich. He takes Huck’s dollar. He wants to get a drink.

Mr. Finn visits Judge Thatcher, who refuses to give him the money. Judge Thatcher and the Widow Douglas try to get the court to award one of them custody of Huck. The town has a new judge that does’t like to split apart families.

Huck gets money from Judge Thatcher so his dad can buy more liquor. The dad winds up in jail, but he is satisfied that he controls his son.

The new judge invites Mr. Finn to dinner. He give him new clothes and preaches temperance. Mr. Finn vows to turn over a new leaf. He signs a pledge. They let him sleep in the guest room. He sneaks out. He trades his new coat for liquor. He falls and breaks his arm after getting drunk. The judge is annoyed, saying only a shotgun can reform Mr. Finn.

Mark Twain