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Summary Chapter 33

Huck waves down a wagon that is coming towards him, recognizing Tom Sawyer in the front seat. Tom is frightened at first, thinking Huck is a ghost. Huck explains that he faked his death. He also tells Tom that he is impersonating him, and that he is trying to free Jim. Tom agrees to help, much to Huck’s surprise (for he didn’t think Tom would approve of assisting a runaway slave).

Tom arrives at the Phelps farm, acting like he thinks it is Archibald Nichols’ place. Silas says it isn’t but invites him to have dinner. Tom kisses his aunt on the lips. She is offended. He tells her everybody told him she’d like it, which makes her angrier. However, when Silas identifies him as Tom’s brother Sid, she feels differently.

Sally didn’t think anyone but Tom was coming. “Sid” said he persuaded Polly to let him come too. During dinner, Silas mentions that Jim warned them about the two frauds he had been traveling with. Silas warned the townspeople.

Huck and Tom catch up. They see a mob go by with a tar and feathered duke and king. Huck feels sorry for them. The people went to the show and seized them during the act.

Mark Twain