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Summary Chapter 9

Huck wants to explore the middle of the island. It is a difficult climb, but they find a spacious cavern. Jim wants to put the traps in there. Huck thinks the climb will be too exhausting. Jim argues that it is a good place to hide, and it will shelter them from the coming rain. Later that night, it begins to rain hard. It is the type of storm that uproots trees. Huck is glad he took Jim’s advice and is now cozy in the cave.

The river rises. They paddle around in the canoe. The animals have become tame out of hunger. They manage to capture a raft. They allow logs to go by during the day, not wanting to reveal themselves out in the open.

A frame house comes down the river, and they enter it through a window. They see a dead body on the floor. It is of a man who was shot in the back. He is naked. Jim tells Huck not to look at the face because it is grisly. They take anything valuable from the house. It looks as if the people left in a hurry.

Jim has to lay down in the canoe on the return trip, covered by a blanket. If anyone saw him, they would know he is a runaway.

Mark Twain