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Character Summary

EDWARD VI: Son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour, half-brother to Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor
TOM CANTY: a pauper boy
JOHN CANTY (LATER JOHN HOBBS): Tom’s father, who is a thief
MRS. CANTY: Tom’s good-hearted mother
NAN: Tom’s fifteen year old sister
BET: Nan’s twin sister
HENRY VIII: father of Edward VI
LADY JANE GREY: Prince Edward’s cousin
EARL OF HERTFORD: The prince’s uncle, Lord Protector.
LADY ELIZABETH: Edward’s half-sister.
MILES HENDON: a knight who has returned to England who becomes a protector of Prince Edward
HUGH HENDON: Miles’ other brother, who is a bad apple
EDITH: a woman Miles’ loved that marries his brother
HUMPHREY MARLOW, JR.: Edward’s whipping boy
HUGO: a young boy who is a thief and beggar
THE RUFFLER: leader of the gang
MARY TUDOR: eldest half-sister of Edward VI
FATHER ANDREW: a former priest who befriends the Canty children.
GRANDMOTHER CANTY: mother of John Canty
ST. JOHN: another official of the court
DUKE OF NORFOLK: a prisoner who Henry VIII wants executed
LORD CHANCELLOR: a government official
ARTHUR HENDON: Miles’ elder brother
YOKEL: a former farmer now in the Ruffler’s gang.
MARGERY and PRISSY: two little girls who help Edward
THE HERMIT: a hermit who claims he is an archangel
THE JUDGE: a good hearted man who shows mercy to Edward
THE CONSTABLE: a man whose corruption is helpful
THE WOMAN WITH THE PIG: a woman who accuses Edward of stealing her package
BLAKE ANDREWS: an old Hendon servant
SIR HUMPHREY MARLOW: father of whipping boy and an old friend of Sir Richard Hendon
WIDOW FARM WOMAN: mother of Prissy and Margery

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