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Summary Chapter 34

Hugh admits he forced Edith to deny Miles’ identity by threatening to have him killed. He is not prosecuted, for his wife can’t testify against him and his brother won’t. He lives in exile on the continent and soon dies. Miles marries Edith. This is much celebrated by the villagers when they return to Hendon Hall.
Tom Canty’s father disappears.
The king gives the farmer Yokel from Ruffler’s gang a comfortable livelihood. He has the lawyer released from prison and pays his fines. He gives good homes to the daughters of the two Baptist women who were burned at the stake. He punishes the official who whipped Miles. He saved two people from the gallows but was too late to save a third.
The judge who had been merciful to him is looked on in favor, and the man rises and becomes a great man.
Edward enjoyed talking about his adventures, which reminded him of all he learned.
Miles and Tom are Edward’s two best friends. Miles only exercises his right to sit before royalty at the accessions of Edward’s sisters. His descendants did the same, though one nearly got in trouble when he did it before Charles I. The long forgotten right, though, was proven and punishment was avoided. The right ended when the last earl died in war.
Tom Canty lived to a ripe old age and was saluted to the end of his days.
Edward VI lived only a few years but was a merciful monarch.
Mark Twain