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Summary Chapter 11

Tom Canty is amazed by the spectacle that Elizabeth and Jane take for granted. They are greeted by the Lord Mayor and Fathers of the City. They sit down at a feast. Tom starts the ceremony by drinking from a cup, which is passed around.
Meanwhile, Prince Edward is trying to gain admission into Guildhall, claiming he is the true prince. He is being mocked by the crowd outside.
A man comes up, professing he believes him. The crowd jeers the man. They plan to drown the boy. The man fights the crowd. It looks like he is going to lose when a troop of horsemen come. The stranger grabs the prince and rides away to safety.
Inside Guildhall, it is announced that the king is dead. Tom asks his uncle if he uttered a command now, whether it would be obeyed. Lord Hertford says yes. Tom orders that the Duke of Norfolk is not to be executed. The people jubilantly celebrate that the reign of blood has ended.
Mark Twain