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Summary Chapter 14

Tom awakes, hoping he is back home. However, he realizes it wasn’t a dream. The lengthy business of getting dress begins. The Head Keeper of the King’s Hose is sent to the Tower for letting a tag get lost. With the same lengthy ritual, he is washed.
After breakfast, Tom meets with the dead king’s executors. The Earl of Hertford helps him by advising what to consent to. Tom is upset when he learns that Henry VIII left behind some unpaid bills.
Tom regrets the situation he is in, for it is boring. He falls asleep.
He does enjoy a visit from Elizabeth and Jane Grey. He has a short, solemn visit from Mary Tudor. Then his whipping boy comes to him. Tom is horrified that someone gets whipped when the prince makes a mistake in his studies. The whipping boy, Humphrey Marlow, explains that no one can strike the sacred Prince of Wales when the prince errs. The whipping boy makes his living by taking the prince’s punishment. Tom wishes they would hire someone to take his dressings and combings.
The whipping boy begs him not to give up his studies. If he does, the whipping boy is out of a job. Tom agrees to keep to his studies.
Humphrey proves useful in information about the prince and the court.
Lord Hertford comes and tells Tom there are rumors about Edward’s ill health. They wish him to dine in public to dispel them. With the help of Humphrey and his uncle, he studies for dining in public.
Seeing the prince’s memory improve, Lord Hertford asks where the great seal is…but Tom doesn’t know.
Mark Twain