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Summary Chapter 1

The author claims this is a tale that has been passed down through the generations for more than 300 years. It may be fact, a legend, or just a tradition. It may not have happened, but it is possible that it did. Some believe it did, and others just love the tale so much that they want to believe it.
Two boys were born in autumn in the second quarter of the 16th century in London. One was poor and unwanted by the last name of Canty. The other had long been anticipated and badly wanted by his family and all of England: a prince to carry on the Tudor line. His birth was the cause for much celebration.
Edward Tudor is well cared for by lords and ladies. He is unaware of all the fuss his birth has caused. Tom Canty, the pauper child, is unknown to all except his family and swaddled in rags.
Mark Twain