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Summary Chapter 6

Tom is uncomfortable that the men around him don’t sit down, even when he bids them to. His uncle tells him they are not accustomed to it.
St. John enters and asks Tom to dismiss all but the Earl of Hertford. The king has sent St. John with the following commands for the prince:
1) He will hide his ailment
2) He is not to deny that he is the prince
3) He will act like a prince
4) He will accept the honor shown to him
5) He is not to speak to anyone of low birth
6) He is to act like he recognizes people and try to remember them—or keep quiet if he cannot remember.
7) If he needs advice, he is to ask Lord Hertford.
The Lord Hertford is commanded to stay near the prince in case he is needed. Tom agrees to the terms.
St. John reminds Tom of the banquet Tom has “forgotten” that he is attend. Lady Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey enter. The Earl of Hertford warns them that the prince is suffering from memory lapses. St. John reminds the prince to act like he remembers them. Tom gestures that he wants St. John and Lord Hertford to stay.
Tom does wind up having difficulties with the conversation, but someone always comes to his rescue. When his father is mentioned, Tom forgets and speaks harshly about John Canty. He then catches himself and blames his malady.
Tom becomes more at ease. He is glad that Elizabeth and Jane Grey will be accompanying him to the banquet. The two lords, though, are nervously on the watch. They advise Tom to excuse himself rather than see Lord Guilford Dudley.
Tom asks to be alone in his room. He is exasperated when people undress him. He doesn’t know he can dismiss the servants. He regrets their presence, and so do they.
The Lord Hertford and St. John discuss the situation. The Earl believes Edward is mad, and they will have an insane king when Henry VIII dies. St. John wonders if it is possible that he is not the prince. The boy is different and lacks knowledge of things the prince should know. The Earl of Hertford reminds him of the king’s command. To not obey it is treason. St. John promises to not speak of it again.
Lord Hertford says it is Edward. Madness can alter a person. Still, he begins to wonder if Edward has a twin that could change places with him. However, since he denied being a prince (which an impostor wouldn’t do), it shows that he is merely mad.

Mark Twain