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Summary Chapter 29

Miles is ordered to leave the region and not to return. The crowd does not bother him as he leaves with Edward.
Miles ponders on what to do. He needs help, or else he needs to give up his inheritance. Miles considers the slim chance of approaching the benevolent young king for help. He doesn’t expect to find it easy, since he is now a pauper, to get an audience with him…but he decides to figure that out when he comes to it. Maybe his father’s old friend Sir Humphrey Marlow will help him.
Miles feels more optimistic with these new plans. He asks the king where he wants to go and is surprised when the boy answers he wants to go to London too.
When they cross London Bridge, the severed heads are being taken down, much to the crowd’s delight. The crowd kicks the heads around. It turns into a riot, and Miles and Edward are separated.
Mark Twain