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Summary Chapter 26

Edward remarks he finds it strange that the king is not missed. Why is no one looking for him? Edward plans to write a letter in three languages—Latin, Greek, and English. He will send it to his uncle to confirm his identity.
Miles believes they should wait and restore his rights first. Edward claims his problem is a matter of state and more important. When he has his throne back, he’ll remember his friend Miles and restore him his rights and more.
Miles pockets the letter without thinking, planning to pretend he posted it. Miles is preoccupied with his own matters. He thought Edith recognized him, and yet she claimed she did not. She is not a liar. He wonders if Hugh coerced her to say she didn’t recognize him. She acted like she was afraid. He plansto seek her when Hugh is away. He is certain she will reveal all and not betray him.
Edith arrives. She treats him like a stranger. She warns that he resembles Miles, but to be this person long dead is very dangerous. Hugh is in control, and all bow to his wishes if they want to prosper. If Hugh denounces Miles as an impostor, which is he is likely to do, the people will turn on Miles. It doesn’t matter if he is Miles Hendon or an impostor, the fate is the same.
Miles doesn’t doubt it, for Edith is obeying Hugh to deny him despite her past affection. Edith claims Hugh is a merciless tyrant who will persecute Miles if he does not leave. She is a slave to Hugh. Miles is a threat to everything Hugh owns. She hands him money, which he declines.
He asks her to admit that he is Miles Hendon, but she refuses. Officers enter and haul Miles and Edward away.
Mark Twain