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Summary Chapter 19

Edward wakes to find a rat snuggled against him. He figures things can only get better from here.
Two little girls enter and see him. They believe him when he says he is the king. He tells them his story. They bring him to the farmhouse so he can have some food. Their mother is a poor widow who sympathizes with the mad boy. She tries to figure out his history by discussing various trades. She assumes he used to work in the kitchens of the palace since he knows a lot about rich people food.
She leaves him with the cooking, but it gets burnt. He is upset by the scolding she gives him. She lets him eat with them instead of giving him scraps meant for the dog because she feels bad for scolding him. He feels bad about burning their meal and doesn’t insist they stand while he eats.
The woman gives him chores to do, which he performs poorly at. He does them because he remembers how King Alfred had once done them. He decides to draw the line at drowning the kittens she gives him.
He sees John Canty and Hugo approach, so he flees the house.
Mark Twain