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Summary Chapter 10

John Canty drags Prince Edward home, a mob following them. One member is pleading mercy for the boy, but as always he is ignored. The prince struggles and protests, causing John Canty to raise his hand to strike him. The interfering person tries to stop him, and John Canty strikes him instead.
The prince finds himself in the Canty home, the mob now shut out by the door. The mother and two daughters are cowering in the corner. The malicious grandmother comes up.
The prince continues to insist that he is Prince Edward. John Canty laughs, and the grandmother is stunned. The mother and daughters are distressed, believing that reading those books have harmed his mind.
Edward tells Mrs. Canty that Tom is fine. If they take him to the palace, Tom can be restored to them. The girls plead with their father to let him rest. John Canty is upset because the rent is due, and his “son” came home empty-handed.
The father smacks the prince when he continues to insist that he is Edward, Prince of Wales. Edward falls into Mrs. Canty’s arms, who tries to shelter him. Not wanting her to receive blows, he breaks away from her.
Edward gets beaten soundly for calling John Canty and the grandmother swine. The mother and girls are beaten for showing sympathy for him. They are all sent to bed. When the father and grandmother fall asleep, the mother and girls tend to Edward. They try to cover him and comfort him. They are all sobbing. The mother offers him moldy bread. He refuses it but is touched by her bravery.
The mother is grieved by her son’s madness. Yet, she begins to feel that this boy isn’t her son. However, she keeps trying to dismiss it as ridiculous. It keeps nagging at her, so she decides to test him to see if he is her son. It is difficult to come up with a full proof test. She needs to be certain.
When he cries out in his sleep, she figures out a way to test him. When Tom is startled awake from sleep, he always does a particular movement with his hand. She startles Edward awake, and he does not do it. She is upset to realize this is not her son, but she decides to keep it to herself. She tries the test several times with the same result. Still, she keeps insisting that it must be Tom.
The prince sleeps several hours from weariness. He starts to wake up and calls out to Sir William. However, he soon realizes that he was not dreaming—he really is where he is. He is depressed by his situation. He has become a nobody.
A person knocks on the door and tells John Canty to flee. The meddler he struck the night before was Father Andrew, and John Canty killed him. The authorities are after him.
John Canty ushers the family up so they can flee. He tells them where to wait if they get separated. The family is swallowed up by a crowd of revelers. A boatman insists that John Canty drink to the prince’s health. Canty has to let go of Edward to do this. Edward makes his escape.
The prince realizes that nobody has missed him and that Tom Canty has usurped his place. He plans to go to Guildhall to establish his identity and then order Tom’s execution for treason.

Mark Twain