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Summary Chapter 28

Miles is sentenced to sit two hours in the pillory for being an impostor and assaulting the master of Hendon Hall. His defense that he is Miles Hendon is not even acknowledged. Edward merely gets a lecture and a warning.
Edward is indignant to see Miles punished. Someone hurls an egg at Miles. Edward tries to interfere. Miles begs for mercy for Eddward’s sake, claiming the boy is mad. The officer plans to teach Edward some manners. Hugh increases the punishment. Edward is outraged but decides he’ll take it. He won’t beg. Miles requests that he take it instead. Hugh likes the idea and agrees. When Edward protests, Hugh says he’ll have Miles punishment increased.
Edward cries. He vows to himself those responsible will be punished. He appreciates Miles’ sacrifice. The mob respects him too and doesn’t mock him any longer.
Edward vows to make Miles an Earl when he is king. Miles is touched, even though he doesn’t believe the boy is a king. However, it is done out of love all the same.
A late comer who plans to insult Miles is prevented by the crowd.
Mark Twain