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Summary Chapter 21

Edward wakes up in horror to find himself bound and the hermit holding a knife. The old man wants to take revenge on Henry VIII’s son for closing the churches and ruining his destiny to become Pope.
Miles Hendon breaks in. He had captured Canty and Hugo, who had confessed to abducting Edward. They told Hendon that Edward had escaped, but they had been tracking his footprints. Miles tracked them to the hermit’s hut. The hermit denies he is there.
The hermit then claims he sent the boy on an errand. He will return shortly. Miles realizes this is a lie, for the boy would consider it insolence to do an errand. The hermit says he would do it for an archangel. Miles agrees this would cause Edward to go.
Edward has been trying to make enough noise for Hendon to hear him. Finally Hendon does hear something. Th hermit says it comes from the copse. Miles asks which direction Edward took. The hermit offers to guide him.
Edward hears a ruckus outside. He tries to struggle free of his bonds but cannot. He believes the hermit is coming to kill him, and he is actually relieved to see Hugo and John Canty enter.
Mark Twain