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Summary Chapter 5

Tom Canty is enjoying himself, wondering if anyone will believe his tale back at Offal Court. He becomes distressed when the prince does not return. He worries people will find him in the prince’s clothes and hang him without inquiry.
He runs into Lady Jane Grey. He tells her he is Tom Canty of Offal Court and begs for mercy. She flees, frightened. Pretty soon, everyone is whispering that the prince is mad.
The whisperings cease when the king is announced. King Henry VIII asks if the prince is playing a joke. Tom is horrified, thinking he is undone.
The king becomes gentle. Tom tries to explain who he is. The king believes Edward is ill, temporarily insane. He believes his son has studied too hard and been confined too much. He orders more sports and entertainment. Anyone who disobeys this order will be hanged.
Henry VIII also orders the execution of the Duke of Norfolk. Tom is sorry for the man. The king tells him not to worry about it.
Tom is unhappy. He is essentially a prisoner. This reality is more dreary than his dreams.
Mark Twain