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Summary Chapter 32

A few hours earlier, people are gathering to see the coronation at Westminister. Things become still as the people wait and wait.
Things begin to stir as fine gentlemen and ladies appear. They are followed by a foreign ambassador. Finally the king arrives. While he gets dressed for the ceremony, the officials take their seat.
The church officials, government officials, the Lord Protector, and the Guard go to the platform. After a pause, Tom Canty appears. Tom is getting paler and feels more remorseful as the ceremonies come to an end.
Just when the Archbishop of Canterbury is about to crown Tom, Edward appears and announces he is the king. People go to grab him, but Tom confirms that Edward is telling the truth.
The people are startled and confused. The Lord Protector says the king is ill and to arrest the plebian. Tom threatens them not to touch the other boy. The people are frozen, and Edward is allowed to come up to the platform.
Tom gets to his knees and swears his fealty. The Lord Protector and other officials are surprised by the resemblance. The Lord Protector asks Edward questions that he correctly answers. Still, the Lord Protector says thre is no proof. Suddenly, he thinks of a question that can prove it—where is the Great Seal? People expect Edward to fumble and prove he is an impostor. He tells St. John to go find it where he states it is. St. John is confused about whether he should obey the command, but Tom tells him to go fetch it.
When St. John returns, he says the seal is not where Edward said it would be. The Lord Protector orders Edward to be arrested. Tom tells them that anyone who touches Edward will forfeit his life.
Tom realizes what the Great Seal is and knows where it is. He reminds Edward of the events that happened that last day they were together. Edward remembers where he put the seal. St. John goes again to find it.
The people wait with apprehension and excitement. When St. John returns, he has the seal. Everyone hails Edward as the true king.
Tom asks for them to switch places. The Lord Protector orders Tom to be stripped and put into the Tower. Edward forbids Tom to be harmed. It turns out Tom Canty always knew where the seal was, but the people never described it. He has been using it to crack nuts with, much to everyone’s amusement.
Edward is crowned as king of England.

Mark Twain