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Summary Chapter 25

Hendon settles his accounts, and then he and Edward set off. Edward is dressed in the clothes Miles got for him. Miles plans an itinerary home that allows for rest and regular meals, which will aide in restoring the boy’s mind.
Miles continues to humor Edward and treats him like a king. The two catch up about everything that had happened to each of them since their parting.
Miles reminisces about his family and looks forward to returning home. The village hasn’t altered. Some people look familiar, but nobody recognizes him.
Miles is expecting a warm welcome. At first, Hugh doesn’t recognize him…but then seems glad to see him. However, then he claims he has his doubts that Miles is who he says he is. The father is dead, so he can’t vouch for him. They received a letter stating that Miles was dead in battle. Miles’ brother Arthur is also dead. Edith is alive, and only five of their servants who knew Miles.
Edward sympathizes with Miles. He claims to be someone others deny as well. Miles inisists he is Miles Hendon. Edward says he believes him, but Miles never believed that Edward is who he said he was.
Edith looks shocked when she sees Miles and pales. She claims she doesn’t know him, then goes away crying. The servants also deny that they recognize Miles. Hugh reveals that Edith is his wife. Miles realizes that Hugh wrote the letter stating that Miles was dead.
Hugh orders Miles to be seized, but the servants are unarmed. Miles has no intention of fleeing.
Mark Twain