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Summary Chapter 22

Edward is again with the tramps. He is ridiculed and mistreated by Hugo and Canty when the Ruffler is not looking. There are a few who like him, and all admire his spunk.
Hugo and Edward get into a confrontation. Edward, trained by the finest, has the advantage over Hugo. Hugo gets battered and humiliated. Edward wins the respect of the rabble and is allowed to sit next to Ruffler. He is renamed King of the Gamecocks. His former title is forbidden to be uttered.
Edward refuses to be helpful. He will not steal. He will not beg. He will not tinker. His dreams of being back on his throne only make his reality drearier.
Hugo plans his revenge against Edward. He first plans to put a clime on his leg to humiliate him. A clime is an artificially created sore. Edward is rescued by Yokel, though, before Hugo can do this.
Hugo is overjoyed when the Ruffler orders Edward to steal. Hugo assumes Edward won’t refuse an order from the Ruffler. Hugo planned to get Edward in trouble with the law, but this would get Hugo in trouble with the gang. He plans to bide his time and wait for an opportunity.
Edward, meanwhile, is looking for a chance to escape.
Hugo snatches a package from a woman and throws it into Edward’s hands. He tells Edward to run after him, shouting thief, but to lead the people astray. Edward refuses and drops the bundle, but this only results in him being captured as the thief. Hugo gets away, and Miles comes up in time to rescue Edward.
Mark Twain