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Summary Chapter 18

The vagabonds move out come morning. They are silent and irritable. All are thirsty. The Ruffler has Hugo look after Jack (Edward’s new name) and orders him not to be rough. He orders John Canty to stay away from Jack.
The group becomes more cheerful as the weather improves. They insult people and steal, but most of their victims are happy to leave them alone. They invade a home and force the family to feed them. They threaten to kill them if they tell.
Hugo doesn’t find much to steal and decides to beg. Edward refuses, surprising Hugo. Edward claims John Hobbs lied when he said he begged.
Hugo pretends to be ill when a kindly woman approaches. Edward refuses to play along, saying the boy is a beggar and a thief. Hugo runs off, and Edward makes his escape.
Edward tries to ask for food but is sent off rudely. His clothes make people fear him. He is cold, so he keeps moving. He hears strange sounds.
He finally finds an open barn. He hides from the farmhands. He makes a bed of blankets when they are gone. He falls asleep, but he keeps waking up because he feels someone touching him. It turns out to be a calf. He snuggles up to it, glad for the company.
Mark Twain