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Summary Chapter 33

Miles Hendon lost his money in the riot to pickpockets.
He sets out to find Edward. He figures he’ll look for a mob, for it is only a matter of time before Edward will be victimized because of his mad claims to be the king.
However, Miles doesn’t find him. He finally becomes tired and falls asleep. Before he falls asleep, he hears the canon announcing the crowning of the new king.
He decides to find Humphrey Marlow and borrow somemoney. He goes to the palace and sees the whipping boy. The boy doesn’t tell him that his father is Humphrey Marlow, nor that he is dead. Miles asks to see him, and the boy goes inside.
Some guards arrest Miles a little while later as a suspicious character. They see the letter Edward wrote. They believe Miles is claiming he is the king. Miles believes he is doomed.
When the officer returns, he is more respectful and bids Miles to follow him. The crowd who sees him are amused at his appearance. He is startled to see Edward on his throne. He sits down, causing people to become indignant. Edward intervenes and says it is Miles’ right. He identifies Miles as a knight who saved him. He is to be Earl of Kent. Edward also granted him the right to sit in front of him.
Miles is still startled, but he soon bows.
Meanwhile, Sir Hugh—who is in attendance—is stripped and thrown in prison at Edward’s command.
Tom Canty enters. He has reunited with his mother and sisters. Edward is pleased how he ran the country in his absence. If Tom wishes it, his father will be hanged. Edward puts Tom under his protection. He plans to educate the boys at Christ’s Hospital, and Tom shall dwell there as the chief governor. No one is to copy his state of dress, and all are to salute him. He will be given the title The King’s Ward.
Tom is pleased and goes to tell his mother and sisters the news.

Mark Twain