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Summary Chapter 4

Edward is pursued and persecuted by the mob until he stops making threats and proclaiming he is the prince. His tormentors lose interest and leave him.
Edward doesn’t know where he is. He wanders around until he comes to Christ’s Church. It is a church that Henry VIII took from the monks and made it into a children’s home. Edward sees a bunch of boys and commands that they take him to their master. They laugh at him, which angers him. His threats cause them to beat him up.
He wanders around, afraid to ask questions, since it only gets him into trouble. He becomes exhausted looking for Offal Court. He hopes Tom’s family will recognize him and return him to the palace. He vows that when he becomes king, he’ll provide an education for the orphaned children—hoping it will soften their savage natures.
He winds up running into John Canty. When he claims he is the Prince of Wales, the man thinks he has gone made…but that doesn’t stop him from beating on the boy.
Mark Twain