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Summary Chp. 34

Heathcliff’s behavior started to become strange. He was more solitary and began to eat only once a day. One night he was gone and returned in the morning looking highly spirited. He wouldn’t tell exactly what happened. Hareton tried to ask him if he was all right, but was told to go and be with Cathy, because how could he stand not being with her?

Soon Heathcliff died. The doctor Kenneth didn’t now what kind of disease he had that made him die. Nelly half thought it was because he missed meal for four whole days, but decided it was the result of the disease, not the cause. Later Heathcliff was buried as he wished the other day after Edgar’s death.

The village people thought his ghost are walking with Cathy’s in the moor. Nelly herself never actually saw them, but even so she doesn’t dare to be in the dark by herself.

At the end of the story Cathy and Hareton, the two lovers who are going to get married, return. Because in truth he really would like to marry Cathy herself, Lockwood can’t stand the sight and feels he has to go now. He finds the graves of Edgar, Cathy, and Heathcliff, and believes the three are really at peace.

Emily Bronte