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Summary Chp. 32

The year is now 1802. Lockwood has almost forgotten all about Wuthering Heights, but someone mentions Gimmerton and all of a sudden he feels like visiting Thrushcross Grange again.

He finds someone else in place of Mrs. Dean as a servant. Surprised to hear she is now at Wuthering Heights, he goes there. He also intends to settle his debt with Heathcliff.

Apparently Hareton can now read, and he and Cathy are getting along very well. Mrs. Dean surprises him even more by saying that Heathcliff has died three months earlier. And she picks up the story from where she left off.

Nelly was called because Zillah left Wuthering Heights. Knowing Cathy is without any entertainment, she sneaked in some books for her. In the meantime, Cathy had begun to show some regret for making fun of Hareton and stop him from learning to read. He was too stubborn to forgive her until she kissed him on the cheek.

Cathy asked Ellen to give Hareton a book. He wasn’t especially overjoyed, but he didn’t strike it either. Soon Cathy was teaching Hareton how to read, to Joseph’s surprise.

Emily Bronte