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Summary Chp. 13

Edgar nursed Catherine patiently, and gradually her health returned.

Six weeks after Isabella had run away, a letter from her arrived. She wrote to inform her brother about her marriage to Heathcliff. Earning no response, she sent another letter two weeks later to Ellen instead.

She confessed that she regretted having married Heathcliff. She now lived in Wuthering Heights and did not enjoy it there. She had a terrible time since the first day. Her husbandís room, which was supposedly hers as well, was locked and the key was in his pocket. Joseph didnít give her any room until late at night, after much ridicules of how she could not possibly survive living there, she was used to luxuries all her life. The room turned out to be Catherineís old room and Heathcliff was annoyed at its being used by Isabella. He stopped his fake loving act and told her bluntly that he never loved and that he was marrying her only to make Edgar suffer.

From the letter, Ellen learned that Hindley, having lost most of his possessions to Heathcliff and drunk too many alcohols, was on the verge of madness, and the child Hareton spoke only in curses Isabella couldnít begin to understand.

Under this difficult circumstance, Isabella desperately wanted to have Ellenís company as soon as possible.

Emily Bronte