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Summary Chp. 24

This went on for three weeks, and then Ellen finally caught Cathy just coming back from Wuthering Heights. She was riding a pony that the stable boy lent her.

Cornered, Cathy confessed she’d never really missed a day visiting Linton. She told Ellen in a condescending tone that Hareton had actually bragged about spelling his name when he still couldn’t recognize the actual letter figures. Both she and Linton didn’t think he was on the same level with both of them just because he couldn’t read and wasn’t well-mannered.

The obvious favor Cathy had on Linton over himself infuriated Hareton. He was annoyed to see the two of them together. At one time he dragged them out of the room they were in and locked them out. Linton was mad and started to yell until he began to cough blood. Cathy called for help from Zillah while Hareton helped him to his room. Hareton made an attempt to walk Cathy back, but she ran away from him, as if he would hurt her.

For a few days Cathy did not dare to go back to Wuthering Heights. When she finally did gather enough courage, once again Linton blamed her unfairly about his illness the other day. She decided now to really stop coming over, as Ellen had told her to do. However, the day she came to tell this to Linton, he threw a tantrum. Cathy now realized that she had to keep forgiving for the sake of their relationship. She hadn’t met Heathcliff although he had come back because he purposely avoided her.

Cathy confided all this to Ellen and asked her not to tell Edgar. Ellen told him nevertheless, and once again Cathy was not allowed to visit Linton.

Emily Bronte