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Summary Chp. 20

Edgar felt it was best if Cathy never have a change to get to know her cousin, so he gave an order to Ellen to wake Linton up at five in the morning and take him to Wuthering Heights right away. Ignorant of Cathyís travel to Wuthering Heights the other day, he still wanted to protect her and planned to tell nothing more but that Linton was with his father.

It did not come as a surprise that Isabella had never told her son about his father Heathcliff; young Linton didnít even know he had a father.

The generally dark atmosphere in Wuthering Heights did not make Linton very comfortable. He couldnít even eat the food Joseph gave him, the same food Hareton ate as a child. Joseph sneered, seeing Isabellaís resemblance there, but Heathcliff actually told him to make the kind of food Linton was accustomed to.

Linton never wanted to stay at Wuthering Heights, so Ellen had to sneak out to leave. He saw her anyway and gave a cry, but she knew there was nothing she could do.

Emily Bronte