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Summary Chp. 1

The year is 1801. The narrator, Lockwood, tells that he has just visited his landlord, Heathcliff, in Wuthering Heights. Lockwood himself stays in Thrushcross Grange. At the sight of the house, Lockwood feels the name is as well, in addition to its owner’s personality. Dressed as a gentleman, Heathcliff can’t abandon altogether his underbred nature. He’s not very friendly either.

No one else is around except for the servant Joseph and several dogs. Inside the house is a mess. Lockwood notices a photograph of a beautiful woman hanged near the window, and having nothing said to him, tries to ease up by petting a dog nearby, only to receive an unwelcoming gnarl.

A short while after, Heathcliff and Joseph go down the cellar, leaving Lockwood alone with the dogs. Nervous, Lockwood starts making faces at the dogs, which provokes them to attack him. He cries for help, but neither Heathcliff nor Joseph seems to care. Fortunately a female servant comes from the kitchen with a pan and shoos the dogs away.

Although not injured, Lockwood has his share of sulking. Heathcliff tries to make up the incident by starting a conversation. At the end, Lockwood decides that although his landlord is solitary, he is still agreeable after all. But just then Heathcliff declines another visit from Lockwood.

Emily Bronte