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Summary Chp. 19

Isabella died. Cathy, having never seen her, was not sad at all. Rather, she was excited to have her father back and to finally see her “true” cousin. She still couldn’t get over being told that Hareton, brute-looking as he was, was her cousin.

Linton resembled Edgar so much they could’ve been brothers, except for Linton was even more delicate than Edgar was. He had a very weak body and grew up sick almost constantly. Cathy couldn’t get him to play with her.

Later that night under Heathcliff’s order, Joseph came over to take Linton to Wuthering Heights with him. Weary and was aware enough that Heathcliff was the father and had more rights to have Linton, Edgar told Joseph he could come back the next morning, as Linton was very pale and had to have his sleep.

Emily Bronte