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Summary Chp. 16

That same night Catherine died giving birth to Cathy—the young lady Lockwood saw at Wuthering Heights. Nelly did not know how to feel.

She feared to break the news to Heathcliff, but he seemed to instinctively know already. He was very upset, but his manly pride prevented him from wailing like a baby. In its place, he screamed and dared Cathy to haunt him as she said she would just a few hours earlier. Although Nelly was reluctant to leave him the way he was, he ordered her to.

Before the funeral, Heathcliff sneaked in to see Cathy inside the coffin. A trinket hung around her neck. Heathcliff dumped its content and filled it with his own black lock of hair. When Nelly found some of Cathy’s golden hair on the floor and realized what Heathcliff had done, she enclosed them inside the trinket as well.

Hindley was invited to the funeral, but he never came. Isabella, on the other hand, wasn’t asked at all.

Instead of in the chapel or near her relations, Cathy was buried right at the corner of the yard, where her husband was to be buried later.

Emily Bronte