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Summary Chp. 22

About two months after, Edgarís illness became obviously worse. Cathy cried, thinking about the day both her father and Ellen would be dead and she left alone. Ellen tried to comfort her and offered more positive thoughts as they took a walk. Then at one point, Cathy climbed up the wall and fell over to the other side, the outside of Thrushcross Grange.

While Ellen was trying to math her keys with the lock, Heathcliff came and showered Cathy with guilt. He told her about Lintonís even poorer condition after she stopped writing to him all of a sudden. Although Cathy had taken her father and Ellenís words that Heathcliff hated both Edgar and herself, she couldnít help pitying Linton and wanting to see him.

Since Heathcliff said heíd be gone for a week, Ellen, feeling sorry for Cathy and her kind heart, agreed to go to Wuthering Heights to see Linton.

Emily Bronte