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Summary Chp. 17

A day after the funeral, Ellen was surprised to find Isabella at Thrushcross Grange. Isabella gave her some explanations. She said that Heathcliff was such a devil she couldnít understand how Catherine could love him ever.

The night before, Heathcliff came back sooner than usual because of the weather. Isabella was reluctant to let him in and was going to let him outside for five minutes, but Hindley took a more extreme measure: he wanted to kill Heathcliff once and for all.

Isabella didnít really agree, but Heathcliffís insult upon her warning changed her mind. She hoped that Hindley and Heathcliff might as well kill each other. However, Heathcliff was more agile than Hindley. Vapid Hindley ended up bleeding and unconscious. He didnít die, though.

The next morning, Isabella decided to take revenge. Heathcliff was miserable already with Catherineís death. Isabella took pleasure in torturing him, saying he was the cause of her death. Irritated, Heathcliff told her to go away. Isabella first refused, but she saw that Heathcliff wasnít afraid to kill her and so did escape to Thrushcross Grange, where she was now.

She stayed only very shortly, but long enough that she earned her brotherís forgiveness. After since they regularly corresponded. When Isabellaís child was born, he was named Linton.

Six months after Catherineís death, Hindley died. Ellen persuaded Edgar to take Hareton to live with them, but it turned out Hindley owed Heathcliff so much his son belonged to Heathcliff as well.

As for his real daughter, Edgar called her Cathy to differentiate her from his wife. He didnít want to call his wife Cathy because thatís the way Heathcliff called her.

Emily Bronte