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Summary Chp. 5

Old Mr. Earnshaw was dying. Hindley was partly excited because he couldnít wait to take revenge on Heathcliff after his protector died. Unfortunately for him, his increasing bad temper sent him off to college, away from home.

Joseph the servant also loved the idea of gaining more power as soon as Mr. Earnshaw died. In fact, he was the one who kept the dying master up-to-date what Heathcliff and Cathy did wrong for the day. Knowing Heathcliff to be his masterís favorite child, he made sure to put a heavier blame on Cathy. As it was, Cathy really had not been a very good daughter. She was high-spirited to the point of wild. She didnít even cry anymore after she received a scold.

One night Cathy, just healed from a minor illness, sat quietly beside her father. Mr. Earnshaw was pleased that she could act gentle and told her so. She laughed and then sang him to sleep. After a quiet hour, Joseph and young Mrs. Dean realized that Mr. Earnshaw was dead instead of asleep. They tried to hide it from the children for now, but Cathy found out right away as she was about to bid him good night.

Both of she and Heathcliff cried hard that night, but in the end they managed to comfort each other with better thoughts about the place Mr. Earnshaw was now in. Mrs. Dean adds that no one can describe heaven more beautifully than they did then.

Emily Bronte