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Summary Chp. 28

On the fifth day, Zillah instead of Hareton showed up. She passed ont o Ellen a tale the whole Gimmerton was talking about, about how Heathcliff had rescued Ellen and he was now letting her lodge here.

Ellen escaped from the chamber and thought Heathcliff was not around. Linton was there, though, and he boasted to her about his horrible treatment toward Cathy, his new wife, trusting Heathcliff’s every word that Cathy married him only for his money. He forgot all the kindness and patience she had offered him so far.

He wouldn’t tell Ellen which chamber Cathy was in. There were too many chambers that Ellen knew she’d be searching in vain. So she went home and told her master about Cathy’s marriage to Linton. Edgar hired a few lawyers and after awhile, Cathy returned home. Ellen warned her not to trouble her sick father even more, and so he died believing his daughter was in good hands.

Emily Bronte