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Summary Chp. 12

Catherine stayed at her chamber without any food until the third day. She whined to Nelly as she felt Edgar really didnít care about her after all. He never tried to console her in the three days she locked herself in her room. She also started to believe everyone else hated her as well. In her half-deranged talk, she wished she were back at Wuthering Heights.

Ellen couldnít take it anymore and finally told Edgar about his wifeís seriously bad condition. He was upset at Nelly for not doing so sooner. He saw that his wife looked very ill. Without wasting another minute, he summoned the doctor Kenneth. While checking up on Catherine, Kenneth mentioned he had seen Isabella and Heathcliff together earlier and heard him persuading her to go with him. He meant for Edgar to take a better care of his sister, knowing Heathcliff was a wicked man.

Instinctively Nelly rushed to Isabellaís room. Another servant had told her it was empty, but she wanted to make sure and see it herself. It was now unmistakable that Heathcliff and Isabella had eloped.

Edgar seemed to be upset, but instead of trying to find his sister, he let her be. He felt it was a decision she had made herself and one he could do nothing about. He felt she had disowned him.

Emily Bronte