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Summary Chp. 3

Zillah shows Lockwood a chamber upstairs and warns him he better not make too much fuss because Heathcliff doesn’t like anyone’s using that room. She also adds that many queer things have happened in this house in the one to two years she’s lived there.

Near the window, Lockwood finds a small collection of books, including a bible that is also a diary that belongs to a girl named Catherine, who apparently had three different last names: Earnshaw, Heathcliff, and Linton.

One entry tells of a Sunday soon after Catherine’s father died and replaced by Hindley. Catherine sounds like she disliked reading the Bible and would rather play outside with Heathcliff. She also seems to hate Hindley, his wife Frances, and Joseph—just about everyone but Heathcliff.

That same night Lockwood has two strange dreams. The first one concerns something about listening to a Reverend Jabes Branderham’s sermon. In the second dream, a ghost named Catherine Linton comes knocking on the window and begs to be let in. She says she’s been waiting for twenty years.

Lockwood gives a scream and realizes it may not be a dream after all because he never wakes up. Heathcliff is angry to find Lockwood in that room, but Lockwood is no less angry. Remembering Branderham to be a relative of Heathcliff’s, he now believes the house to be haunted. After he leaves, he hears Heathcliff wailing for the ghost Cathy to come back and can’t help feeling pity for him.

The sky is still dark outside. Lockwood waits until the sun is up before he hurriedly leaves, declining a polite offer for breakfast. He finds that everyone in Thrushcross Grange is actually worried about his not coming home last night.

Emily Bronte