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Summary Chp. 10

Lockwood’s condition worsens and he’s sick for four whole weeks. Heathcliff has actually come to visit. Lockwood feels too weak to read and therefore thinks listening to more of Mrs. Dean’s story will be as interesting.

The first thing Nelly noticed was that Edgar may have feared his own new wife. He himself was very kind, but he would not be as kind when something displeased Catherine.

Heathcliff, now tall and looked well-formed, came without warning to Thrushcross Grange. He asked Nelly to tell Cathy that someone from Gimmerton wanted to see her. Nelly did so. While Catherine went to see her guest, Nelly informed Edgar it was Heathcliff. Catherine was overjoyed when she found this out. She then set to admit Heathcliff in and asked Edgar to be polite for her sake.

Much to Nelly’s shock, Heathcliff announced that he was going to Wuthering Heights. He had called Hindley earlier that morning and received an invitation. Nelly wondered what Heathcliff was up to and whether he was a wicked man now.

Soon Heathcliff became a regular visitor to Thrushcross Grange. Edgar never came to love him, but his sister Isabella did. Catherine warned her that Heathcliff was no good, but Isabella shot back that Catherine was just being possessive of him. The two became hostile toward each other, and to get back at her sister-in-law, Catherine cruelly revealed right at Heathcliff’s presence the affection Isabella had for him.

Emily Bronte