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Summary Chp. 18

Mrs. Dean jumps to twelve years after.

Cathy turned out to be very lovable and nearly perfect. She had high spirits, but not wild like her mother. The only flaw she had was how she was much too spoiled thanks to her overprotective father.

A letter came from Isabella, who realized about her dying from an illness, asking for her brother to come and take care of her son. Edgar left. Cathy was upset at first as her father was not around, but after a few days she found a way to entertain herself. Ellen did not know what she was up to until one day when she was missing for tea. One laborer told Ellen he saw the mistress on the road of Penistone Crags, which would lead to Wuthering Heights. All these years, Cathy had been kept inside Thrushcross Grange, but as she got older, her curiosity about the outside world grew.

Chasing after Cathy, Ellen found her to be with Hareton and a female servant. Heathcliff did not seem to be home, to her relief. It turned out that Cathy did not know Hareton was her cousin and thought him to be a servant until the female servant, fed up with her bossy conduct, told her so. It upset Ellen that the female servant revealed all the things that had been purposely kept secret from Cathy, resulting in Cathyís revealing about her other cousinís coming to Thrushcross Grange.

Emily Bronte