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Summary Chp. 14

Ellen told Edgar about the letter and wondered, now that she was going to Wuthering Heights, if he would like to write a note to pass to Isabella. He replied he wouldn’t, only because he wanted nothing to do with Heathcliff’s family.

At Wuthering Heights, Ellen found only Heathcliff and Isabella there. Isabella looked like a mess but at the same time eager, hopeful to receive a letter from her brother. She was very disappointed when Nelly repeated to her what Edgar had said.

Heathcliff asked about Cathy. Truthfully Nelly answered that she was still recovering, and if he wanted her to stay so, he should never see her again and even move out of the country if he could. She also warned him to treat his wife better, to which he replied Isabella was nothing but a nuisance to him and he could care less if she hated him—which she did. The only thing mattered to him was her inheritance of Thrushcross Grange as soon as Edgar died.

Before Nelly left, Heathcliff demanded that she arrange to reunite him with Cathy. Unless she agreed to hand a letter to Cathy, he would hold her a prisoner. Nelly had practically no choice.

And now the doctor Kenneth has come to check on Lockwood and Mrs. Dean has to stop.

Emily Bronte