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Summary Chp. 15

During the following week, Mrs. Dean continues her story little by little.

Nelly postponed for three days before she finally read Heathcliff’s letter to Cathy. It was Sunday and Edgar had gone to Church. Cathy didn’t look like she was listening at first, but she perked up when she heard Heathcliff’s name. In his letter, Heathcliff mentioned a place he’d be at. When Cathy saw him at the said place, she gestured for Nelly to let him into her room.

Heathcliff was horrified when he saw the way Cathy’s eyes looked now—dim and simply unlike Cathy. Cathy told him she was dying and blamed him partly for that. The other part of the blame landed on Edgar. She said that Heathcliff would stop loving her once she died, and because he was the cause of her death, she would haunt him forever. Listening to Cathy and her mindset, Heathcliff was very heartbroken. But between dialogues they exchanged many kisses, obviously still in love with each other despite everything.

As soon as the Church bell rang, Nelly warned Heathcliff to leave right away or Edgar would see him. Cathy went hysterical, begging for him to stay. The cry left Nelly such anguish that she volunteered to inform Heathcliff later about her condition.

Emily Bronte