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Summary Chp. 31

Now understanding more about the situation at Wuthering Heights, Lockwood does not think the people there are as queer.

He has a note to Cathy from Mrs. Dean and drops it near her secretly so Hareton canít see. Without any consideration of his effort, though, Cathy bluntly asks loudly that it is. Quickly Hareton snatches it, saying that Heathcliff should see everything first before it goes to Cathy. But apparently his conscience speaks up. He eventually lets Cathy have the letter. She reads it but does not give any respond. When asked, she tells Lockwood she canít write back because she has no paper. Heathcliff has destroyed all her books she canít even rip a page. Then she begins to make fun of Hareton because sheís seen her books with him while he canít even read.

Hareton gets mad at this. And itís probably the last straw because he adds heís not going to try to learn anymore.

When Heathcliff returns, Lockwood tells him what he came there for in the first place. Heathcliff thinks heís only trying to put off paying the rent, which makes Lockwood mad.

Emily Bronte