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Summary Chapter 27

Elizabeth gradually warms to the idea of visiting Charlotte. She misses Charlotte, and her loathing of Mr. Collins has decreased over time. Besides, her mother and sisters are not very good company, and a change of scenery was welcomed to her. She would also get to see Jane when they stopped in London.

She travels with Charlotte’s father and the second Lucas girl Maria. Both are boring as far as conversation, as Elizabeth has heard Mr. Lucas’ stories before, and Maria is vacuous.

When they visit Jane, Elizabeth is glad to see that she looks well. Mrs. Gardiner, though, tells her that Jane suffers from bouts of unhappiness. Jane has given up her acquaintance with the Bingleys.

Mrs. Gardiner believes that Mr. Wickham is a mercenary since he went after a girl he hadn’t noticed prior to her inheriting 10,000 pounds. Elizabeth continues to defend him. Mrs. Gardiner doesn’t wish to think ill of him since he comes from Derbyshire. She invites Elizabeth to travel with them in the summer, which Elizabeth accepts with great pleasure.

Jane Austen