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Summary Chapter 60

Elizabeth asks when Mr. Darcy fell in love with her. He says he can’t pinpoint the exact time. He was already in love with her before he realized it.

Elizabeth thinks he was tired of women who were courting him because of his status. She thinks her being different from them was the main attraction.

Elizabeth then asks why he acted like he didn’t care about her when he dined at Longbourn. He says it was because she was quiet and hadn’t encouraged him. She wonders if he would have ever approached her if she hadn’t thanked him for the help with Lydia. Mr. Darcy claims it was his aunt’s efforts to separate him that gave him hope.

Elizabeth asks why he returned to Netherfield. He claims officially he wanted to see if Jane did love Bingley, and he also wanted to see Elizabeth.

Both sit down to write. Mr. Darcy is writing a letter to Lady Catherine, and Elizabeth is writing to Mrs. Gardiner.

Elizabeth is grateful that they didn’t go to the lakes after all. She would have never gotten with Mr. Darcy otherwise, nor Jane would have not gotten with Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth believes she is even happier than Jane is.

Mr. Bennet writes to Mr. Collins about the new engagement.

Miss Bingley writes an affectionate, insincere letter to her brother and to Jane. Though Jane isn’t fooled, she writes a kind letter back.

Miss Darcy is thrilled that Elizabeth is to be her sister.

The Collinses come to Lucas Lodge to wait out Lady Cahterine’s anger. Charlotte is happy about Elizabeth’s marriage.

Mr. Darcy handles things well, despite how tiresome and vulgar people can be. Elizabeth tries to shield him as much as possible and looks forward to the day when she can move away from her vulgar relatives.

Jane Austen