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Summary Chapter 32

Elizabeth is writing a letter to Jane the next morning when there is a ring at the door. Charlotte and Maria are out. When she answers the door, she is surprised to see Mr. Darcy. He apologizes when he realizes she is alone. He thought everyone was at home.

In order to have something to talk about, Elizabeth mentions their abrupt departure from Netherfield. Mr. Darcy doesn’t elaborate, merely saying that Mr. Bingley has many friends and many engagements elsewhere. She replies that it would be better if Mr. Bingley gave up Netherfield so a family who intends to settle there can have it, and Mr. Darcy says he will when he gets a good offer for it. Elizabeth observes that Mr. Bingley never does things for the convenience of others.

When she doesn’t have anything more to say, Mr. Darcy picks up the conversation by claiming that the house is very pleasant. His aunt did much for it when Mr. Collins arrived. Elizabeth claims that Mr. Collins is very grateful.

Mr. Darcy praises Mr. Collins’ choice of wife. Elizabeth agrees that Charlotte is sensible and good at making her husband happy. She didn’t agree it was the wisest decision her friend had ever made, but Charlotte seems happy.

Mr. Darcy considers it nice that Charlotte is near her family. Though it is fifty miles, it is a good road and only a half day’s journey.

Mr. Darcy draws nearer to her, and when she looks surprised, he pulls back and coldly asks if he likes Kent.

When Charlotte returns and sees him, she tells Elizabeth that he must be in love with her. However, Elizabeth’s description of what took place dashes Charlotte’s hopes. They assume he came out of boredom.

Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr. Darcy often call frequently, sometimes together or separately. Sometimes their aunt joins them. Colonel Fitzwilliam enjoys their company and admires Elizabeth. Elizabeth likes how well informed he is.

Nobody knows why Mr. Darcy comes. He doesn’t say anymore than is necessary. Charlotte tries to find some evidence that he loves Elizabeth, but she can’t read him well. Elizabeth laughs at the idea. Charlotte doesn’t press it, fearing it could lead to disappointment.

Charlotte also considers Colonel Fitzwilliam a very suitable match for Elizabeth.

Jane Austen