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Summary Chapter 58

Mr. Darcy does return to Longbourn. Bingley proposes going for a walk, though he and Jane fall behind.

Kitty leaves them to call on Maria Lucas. When alone with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth expresses her gratitude in how he helped her sister Lydia. She reveals that Lydia first hinted his involvement, and that is the only reason why Mrs. Gardiner broke the secrecy.

Mr. Darcy claims he didn’t do it for her family. He did it for her. He tells her he still feels the same way about her. He asks if her feelings have changed since last April. He promises to never bring the topic up again if she still feels the same way she did then. Elizabeth, feeling awkward, admits her feeling have changed. Mr. Darcy is delighted and professes his love.

Mr. Darcy reveals that Lady Catherine had spoken to him. However, instead of turning him against the idea, it gave him hope. After all, if Elizabeth had been against him, she would have had no problem denouncing him to his aunt.

Mr. Darcy remembers Elizabeth’s earlier criticism that he hadn’t behaved like a gentleman. This stung because there was truth in this statement, even though her other concepts had been wrong. Elizabeth hadn’t expected her words to be so biting. He believed she thought him incapable of any human feeling.

Mr. Darcy realized he had to explain himself, even though it would give her pain. He hopes she has since burned the letter. She says she can, but all of that is in the past now. Their feelings aren’t the same as they were at that point. The letter, though painful, did help her opinion thaw against him.

Mr. Darcy blames his upbringing. He was taught morals but not how to correct his temper. He was spoiled by his parents. He only cared for those in his family circle. Elizabeth humbled him when she rejected his offer.

She asked how he felt when he saw her at Pemberley. He says he was surprised. He had been determined to show he didn’t resent her. He wished to make amends and make her forgive him.

He had confessed to Bingley about how he had interfered with his relationship with Jane, but he believed himself to be mistaken in her not feeling the same way. He wasn’t going on Elizabeth’s word alone. He saw evidence of it recently. Bingley was a little angry when he learned that Darcy hadn’t told him when Jane had been in town for three months. However, all has been forgiven.

Jane Austen