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Character Summary


MR. BENNET: Patriarch of the family who favors his daughter Lizzy

MRS. BENNET: Mr. Bennet’s foolish wife

MRS. LONG: a friend of Mrs. Bennet’s

MR. MORRIS: the man who lets Netherfield Park

MR. CHARLES BINGLEY: a wealthy, young gentleman who moves to Netherfield Park

WILLIAM AND LADY LUCAS: neighbors of the Bennets

ELIZABETH (LIZZY) BENNET: second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bennet’s favorite

CATHERINE (KITTY) BENNET: the fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet

LYDIA BENNET: the youngest daughter of the Bennets but the tallest

MR. FRITZWILLIAM DARCY: a friend of Mr. Bingley’s who is despised for his rude manners

MR. HURST: the brother-in-law of Mr. Bingley

JANE BENNET: The eldest daughter of the Bennets, who is favored by Mr. Bingley and his sisters.

CHARLOTTE: daughter of the Lucases who is Elizabeth’s best friend

MRS. PHILIPS: Mrs. Bennet’s sister

MR. PHILIPS: husband to Mrs. Bennet’s sister and her father’s former clerk who took over the business

MRS. HURST: Mr. Bingley’s sister

MISS CAROLINE BINGLEY: Mr. Bingley’s sister who loves Mr. Darcy

MR. COLLINS: the cousin of Mr. Bennet

MISS ANNE DE BOURGH: the sickly daughter of Lady Catherine de Bourgh

LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH: the patroness of Mr. Collins

MR. DENNY: an officer

MR. GEORGE WICKHAM: another officer who has ties to Mr. Darcy

GEORGIANA DARCY: the younger sister of Mr. Darcy

MR. GARDINER: Mrs. Bennet’s brother

MRS. GARDINER: The Bennet girls’ favorite aunt

MISS KING: a girl with 10,000 lbs that becomes an interest to Mr. Wickham

MARIA LUCAS: the second daughter of the Lucas’s, pleasant but vacuous

MRS. JENKINSON: a lady who lives with the de Bourghs that cares for Miss de Bourgh.

COLONEL FITZWILLIAM: a cousin of Mr. Darcy and co-guardian of Georgiana

COLONEL FORSTER: colonel of Wickham’s regiment

MRS. FORSTER: the wife of Colonel Forster and a friend of Lydia's

MRS. YOUNGE: A former guardian of Georgiana

MRS. REYNOLDS: Mr. Darcy's devoted housekeeper

Jane Austen