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Summary Chapter 23

Sir William Lucas comes to the Bennet household to formally announce his daughter’s engagement. He is pleased that their families will be connected by marriage. He handles the rudeness of Mrs. Bennet and Lydia with good grace. Elizabeth confirms the news, revealing that Charlotte has already told her. She and Jane congratulate him.

Mrs. Bennet refuses to believe it. She believes Mr. Collins has been tricked, and the union couldn’t possibly produce happiness. She hopes it will be broken off. She blames Elizabeth, whome she scolds the entire week. She finds it impossible to be polite to the Lucases for an entire month, and it takes her even longer to forgive Charlotte.

Mr. Bennet used to respect Charlotte for being sensible, but he now considers her to be a very foolish person.

Lady Lucas often calls on Mrs. Bennet to revel in her triumph despite the sour remarks she receives in return.

Elizabeth never brings the subject up with Charlotte again. She is disappointed in her friend, and this causes her to become closer to Jane. She is anxious that they haven’t heard from Mr. Bingley in over a week.

Lady Catherine approves of Mr. Collins’ match. She encourages him to marry as soon as possible. Mrs. Bennet is no longer looking forward to having him return for another visit.

Elizabeth begins to fear that Mr. Bingley has no intention of returning. Jane suffers from this doubt but keeps it to herself. Mrs. Bennet is put out by Mr. Bingley’s silence.

Mr. Collins doesn’t receive as warm of a reception when he returns, but he is too happy to notice. He spends most of his time with the Lucases. Mrs. Bennet is convinced that Charlotte is planning on evicting them as soon as Mr. Bennet dies.

Jane Austen